Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In instructional, its includes motivation, interaction and feedback, goal orientation, learner control, and interactivity.

This cd not provokes attention attention with the use of colour, brightness, sound, and animation and it’s also not providing an activity such game after completing each activity. This cd just provides competition with the student herself but not with other students, the computer, and the clock.
The program in this cd provide a level of student control and give partial information, elements of surprise, stimulating, desire to know, and the prevention of a nature ending.

Interaction and feedback
This cd can reinforce the correct answer with the positive feedback but not evaluate the students answer. Its also not explain why the student’s answers are incorrect.

Goal orientation
The goals for tutorial style state are clear but not define objectives and goals in the program documentation

Learner control
The program in this cd allow student to be active, collaborative, and reflective in knowledge construction. The student also can exit the program anytime.

The student can’t contact other students in the same program through email or chat. Besides that, student also can’t contact a person or address is readily available for technical help.


Accuracy and fairness of content
This cd content fit well into the local school curriculum t the grade level for which it is intended. The vocabulary level compatible with the reading level of the intended student users. The content is also delivered according to main ideas or the big picture and followed with supporting ideas.

Includes colour, text layout, use of hypertext, screen layout, graphics, animation, sound, menus and icons interface design, instructions, and games format.

The colour of this cd enhance the impact and legilibility of the screen.

Text layout
The program require no scrolling when reading the information is not relevant. But the fonts chosen for legibility are good required. Besides that, the sound used become a distraction from the main point of the screen are suitable.

Use of hypertext
The program cannot help learner to develop understanding by providing useful links.

Screen layout
Each screen are not include a well laid out combination of text and graphics/animation which work together to make a particular.

Yes, the graphics make information more attractive and the graphics also help visualization of a particular event, place or object. But, its cannot help memorization of key information and cannot aid understanding.

The animation can invite reaction or input. The animation it not motivate through humour and can’t minimize static boredom.

Yes, the sounds add to the understanding of the teaching point.

Menus and icons
Menus and icons are not provide an intuitive clear interface and not various options readily available. Lastly, can’t learners see components which they have already completed and ones still be done.

Interface design
Orientation information is not welcome screen, offering an overview, basic tips and links to more in depth help. And it not go away when learner is no longer new to the program. It also not an overview map that displays modules completed and areas not yet visited.

Instructions are available within the program itself, appearing on the screen as needed, that screen as needed, that free the user from referring to the written documentation. The instructions are not clear, complete, concise and well formatted on the screen. The users have the option of bypassing the instructions and can return to the instructions if needed during the program. Yes, there instructions for ending the program if the user wants to stop.

Games format
The game not have sound educational objectives that help the student to learn some new skill or information. The games do not encourage the development of a positive self image and the game are not fun.

Includes record keeping, ease of use, speed of access and personalization.

Record keeping
A record keeping system is there. Students are do record identify specific difficulties and students also can records cumulative.

Ease to use
Yes, the system require no specialized training to operate.

Speed of access the homepage cannot be downloaded efficiently enough to keep student on task.

The introduction of the student’s name into the program is not available.

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